Terra Ferma Music

Terra Ferma Music

Record label for Melodic, Tribal Electronic Music

‘String Spheres’ / ‘Blurred’

The second single taken from the TERRA FERMA album ‘FWD‘.

‘String Spheres’ is a melodic masterpiece of trance with a 32 chord progression that keeps turning in spherical paths around your whole being. This whole structure is underpinned by some deep bass notes that drive the experience forwards until a soaring melodic string pierces the thick sound like a growing tree in a barren landscape that brings life as it covers the barren landscape with lush vegetation.

‘Blurred’ is a tribal melodic electronic sound creation with a crispy salad that has a few croutons missing in its electronic salad head. Stay listening…



Preview samples will appear here a few weeks before release. For promo copies contact me.