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This label if for the release of my own music as TERRA FERMA as well as hand picked artists tracks and collaborations that fit the melodic, electronic or tribal vibes of the label.


Be it from the early acid house raves in London or the full moon parties in Goa, or carving my own flutes for that ambient track, I fell in love with making music of the melodic, electronic, tribal kind many years ago.
From the drum and bass of URBAN SHAKEDOWN (with DJ Aphrodite), to the trance and psycadelic of UNION JACK (with Platipus' Simon Berry),
and my solo project of TERRA FERMA, the journey that started 25 years ago continues...
The new TERRA FERMA Album 'FWD' will be coming out later this year (2016).
Kaukuta is also writing and producing for other artists.

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Recent Tracks & Remixes

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    here Comes The Sun (instr.)

    Terra ferma

  • 02


    Terra Ferma Mash up/ remix Above & beyond / Olive

  • 03


    Terra Ferma Remix Art Of Trance

  • 04

    Vinyl Sh!t

    Terra Ferma Remix Loud And Domestic

  • 05

    The Horn

    Terra Ferma Remix Art Of Trance

  • 06


    Terra Ferma

  • 07



  • 08


    Terra Ferma Remix Art Of Trance

  • 09

    Red Herring

    Terra Ferma Remix Union Jack



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1 month ago

Terra Ferma

Great mix!Platipus Archive 13: Mixed by Luke Brancaccio: Available now for Pre-order

20 Classics featuring: Oliver Lieb, Gai Barone, Luke Brancaccio, Airwave, Martin Merkel, Simon Berry, Ambassador, Art Of Trance, Loud, Clanger, Terra Ferma, Union Jack, Phirakus, POB, Domestic, ON3, G Coutier and L.S.G.

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Great mix!


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New stuff for sure, I’m finalizing release schedule for next year starting in February

Can we look forward to any new material from you in the near future mate? Some Trancey old school Platipus style sounds maybe?

Is it possible to listen to something from your new material for the new album?

3 months ago

Terra Ferma

Streaming now out on November 5th!
Terra Ferma - The Adventures Of... (Scott Bond & Charlie Walker REBOOTED Mix) [Pure Trance NEON] *World Exclusive

Streaming now via:
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Streaming now out on November 5th!
Terra Ferma - The Adventures Of... (Scott Bond & Charlie Walker REBOOTED Mix) [Pure Trance NEON] *World Exclusive

Streaming now via:


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Teeth of the jungle

7 months ago

Terra Ferma

Time to join the crowd!
Shout out to DJ Aphrodite for posting this awesome tutorial!

AKOV - Jump up bass tutorial 😂😂

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8 months ago

My cousin, Stuart Robertson, and I are sitting listening to Floating at the moment. Simply cannot believe how fresh it sounds! 21 years old too! Awesome stuff 😁 ... See MoreSee Less


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floating is a beast!

Ahh yes, it is now , can we say finally?, coming together as a series of EP’s in three loosely based categories, melodic, electronic and tribal. I am compiling now in my new studio I am just finishing up. I moved location hence the last six month delay, again. (You can insert life excuse of your choice here for the many delays, but I no longer make a living solely from music so other things like business come first as I’m sure you all understand). Expect them to be out this year and one every month with releases monthly after that. I will be posting snippets soon once the first three releases are set. Probably August for the first one if I don’t end up having to deal with other unforeseen delays. It’s been so long and I have so many tracks (over 20) that I have to go through, polish, update, mix and master. The studio should be balanced as well as can be expected in a week or so and then the polishing and mixing work begins. I know I’ve said this many times before but now it actually looks like it’s happening, three EP’s and then monthly releases of whatever the turtle wants. Don’t expect EDM, but it’s not old school nostalgia either. I never followed trends in the past and I’m not starting now. Hope you like. I have promised a few long time fans a sneak peek track in their inbox a few months ago, and that will happen. You know who you are who messaged me.

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